Semi-Annual Report 2013-2014

Renovation project Switzerland

Property: 3018 Bern, Morgenstrasse 136

Name of project: Arco West

Scope of renovation:

Additional office space in attica floor

Two new staircases with glass elevator in inner area

New windows on all facades, replacement of blinds

Renewal on facade meets Minergie specifications

Construction costs: CHF 16 million

Tenant fitting out/Relocation costs: CHF 2 million

Start of works: January 2012

End of works: November 2013

Tenants: The attic floor has been let to Axa Winterthur AG and a additional letting agent has been hired

Status of renovation:

The renovation of the building has been completed

The work around the building is in the final stage

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Semi-Annual Report 2013-2014

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