Annual report 2012-2013

Practical example

Increased comfort and reduced consumption

At the property in Egg Züblin undertook a renovation project designed to increase the energy efficiency and comfort levels of the building. After the work had been completed, the energy monitoring system indicated that the consumption figures were above the planned parameters for the Minergie standard. An attentive tenant also noticed that the building was far too warm even though the radiator valves were turned off. An analysis along with the tenant and the facility manager showed that after completing the renovation, reducing the inlet temperatures of the heating system had been overlooked. This in turn meant that too much heat was escaping into what was now a very well insulated building in spite of closed radiator valves. After this problem was resolved the original targets were met again.

The renewal just of the façade and the windows reduced energy consumption by a full 30%, equivalent to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 28 tonnes annually.

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Annual Report 2012-2013

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